Manhattan- The Winter Walking Challenge

Manhattan – The Winter Walking Challenge Nobody has to tell you how bad this winter has been. You experienced the cold, the wet, the snow, the ice and everything else that goes with this bad weather. Manhattan requires everyone to walk – you walk from your home toRead More >

What to Do In The Event of an Automobile Accident

What to Do In The Event of an Automobile Accident No matter what time of year it is, cars are hitting one another and people are getting hurt. So if you are in an accident what should you do? We all know that everyone needs to remain calm,Read More >

My New Years’ Resolution Backfires on Me!

My New Years’ Resolution Backfires on Me! With the New Year upon us, we all have made many resolutions with the greatest of intention of completely fulfilling them. One of the most popular resolutions is to start getting back into shape.  The big problem is we are eagerRead More >

Why are Holidays Such a Pain in the Back?

Once again, it’s that season again – the season for back pain! We know the basic facts about the season: – Which ones of us are carrying heavier things than we usually carry? Not only are these heavy items, for many of us they are awkward to hold.Read More >

My Back H-U-R-T-S

My Back H-U-R-T-S We all heard these words. Some of us have actually said these words. But many more of us have actually felt the “discomfort” of back pain. Since most back pain cases are not caused by serious medical conditions, we need to understand why back painRead More >

Have You Developed "Computer Posture"?

Have you developed “computer posture?” Is your neck beginning to jut forward while your upper back takes on the rounded shape of someone hunched over a keyboard all day? It makes sense that no matter what your occupation, if you spend extended amounts of time in the sameRead More >

Is Back Pain Caused By A Lack Of Exercise?

Many people seem to want to know if you can just exercise lower back pain away. Is it only about exercise? That is, did you end up with lower back pain due to a lack of exercise? Or could it be something else? Your back pain is notRead More >

Your Pain Just Started, But Your Problem Began Long Ago…

There are problems that have just started, lurking beneath the surface where you have not yet felt their pain. You may go years, occasionally feeling some soreness and stiffness, just to have it go away on its own. Maybe you feel a twinge, take a pill, and itRead More >

Chiropractic As Part Of A "Get Healthy" Program

If you’re like many people, you’d love to be a healthy person. If you already feel pretty healthy, that’s great. However, I’ve noticed more and more people are searching the internet for ways to get healthy. They want to be healthy, they just don’t necessarily want to haveRead More >

What If You Can’t Afford Treatment?

With all the debate going on about government-sponsored healthcare and keeping costs down, chiropractic care remains one of the cheapest methods of solving many different health conditions. For less than the price of a round of steroid injections, you can get weeks to months of chiropractic treatment thatRead More >