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Dr J is incredible and so is his staff.

Dr J is incredible and so is his staff. When I walked in I didn't know what to expect and everyone was so friendly and I felt like I wasn't just a number but an actual person. He's the best in the business and I came to him after my back went out due to a dance injury . I've been to a LOT of chiropractors in my life and I can safely say that he helps you get results. My spine and neck were visibly different than when I started. I highly recommend him!

Diana D.

Dr. Jay is the best!

Dr. Jay is the best! I had a lot of neck pain and tension headaches that were making it hard to function. Within a couple of months my neck pain started to go away and my headaches significantly subsided. When we looked at my X-rays from when I started to a few months after there were significant improvements. I highly recommend Dr. Jay and Dr. Sarah who I have seen when Dr jay is not here. Everyone at the office is great and super friendly.

Lauren M.

The best Chiropractor in the city!

The best Chiropractor in the city!

Reason for Going:
Have Scoliosis and have been to chiropractors before and know the benefits. I moved to NY in May and after 2 weeks of living here pinched a nerve in my lower back that was so painful I was sleeping on my floor.

How I found Oasis Chiropractic:
Referred by a friend of a friend who has lived in NYC for a while and said he is "the best Chiropractor in the city" and I now agree.

Care Treatment & Office:
On first meeting Dr. J you are overwhelmed by his friendly and energetic attitude and can instantly tell that he is vested in your health/ wellness and improvement. He genuinely cares about you and improving your condition.

A day after my 1st visit Dr J took the time to call me and check in to see if I was ok from the adjustment, reminded me to ice etc, and I remember how surprised I was to have that happen, since no Dr. has ever called me just to check in, even after ACL surgery. It's just another sign that he is genuinely concerned with helping his patients.

The treatment plan is a commitment as other reviews have said, but you have to remember it takes time to correct and heal.

The office staff is friendly and everyone works with you and your schedule. There are flexible payment options for those without insurance coverage for Chiropractic-- I was on the payment plan before my health benefits began at my current job. It is worth every penny to feel better.

Suzanne F.

I am now able to go back to doing the activities I couldn’t do before

After a serious injury to my back many years ago, I suffered from years of chronic back pain. I was seen by many doctors who prescribed me medication (temporary relief) and recommended surgery. Luckily for me, I met with Dr. Jay and became a patient. After just 2 months I have seen more improvement on my back than I have ever seen these past several years. Not only did he get me out of pain, my posture is a lot better, I feel a lot better and this has become more permanent rather than a temporary relief. I am now able to go back to doing the activities I couldn’t do before because of his expertise. I can’t thank you enough Dr. Jay!! Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You!!

Dinah Burgos

After a couple bad experiences with chiropractors, Oasis and Dr. Jay have been such a pleasure to deal with.

After a couple bad experiences with chiropractors, Oasis and Dr. Jay have been such a pleasure to deal with. I really am in and out in 35 minutes, and I feel much better after just three weeks. And they are very straightforward about their billing procedure, and I found it to be much more reasonable than other chiro offices I approached. I work close by, and I found out that at least four people from my office all see Dr. Jay.

Hayley A.

Dr J is absolutely amazing.

“Dr J is absolutely amazing. Both my partner and I have been seeing him on a weekly basis and we both feel significantly better. I actually didn’t even know that I needed to get corrected-I was going to support my partner. Dr J offered to evaluate me and I took him up on the offer – now I am so glad I did. I had been living with chronic head aches and neck pain; conditions I thought I just needed to live with. He discovered that my spine was not straight and it was also causing my hips to be uneven as well. Over the course of my treatment, my posture improved, my head aches went away, and my neck is dramatically improved. I would highly recommend this chiropractor!”

Mary Mcrea

I've been going to Dr J for two years now.

I've been going to Dr J for two years now. He's amazing! Attentive, charismatic, and accommodating. The entire staff is a dream team. You always walk in with a smile and leave with a bigger one. This is in addition to the fact that Dr J is very good at what he does. He's saved me from so much pain! Can't recommend anyone better.

Brege V.

I've been seeing Dr. J for over two years and highly recommend him.

I've been seeing Dr. J for over two years and highly recommend him. For years, I'd suffered from chronic lower back pain due to scoliosis, and Dr. J's treatments have made such a huge difference. I very rarely feel any pain now and can't believe there was a time when being doubled over in pain was the norm for me!

The treatments may seem like a lot at first, but definitely stick with it. Do all the exercises and really give it a shot to work.

Bonus: Dr. J is very nice and friendly, and so is the staff! Appointments are easy to schedule and the hours are very accommodating.

Mimi D.

Dr. J is amazing.

Dr. J is amazing. I came in with lower back problems that had ended my division 1 soccer career. After a few short months with Oasis Chiropractic, I'm feeling like a brand new person. Dr. J has exceeded my expectations and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone.

Dr. J and his staff are always friendly, energetic, positive, and welcoming.

Sarah J.

Dr. Jay is the best.

Dr. Jay is the best. He has helped me so much with my chronic back pain. Plus, he's one of the kindest, most caring, most enthusiastic people I've ever met. He is truly dedicated to helping as many people as possible.

Heidi M.

Thanks to trusty yelp I found Dr. Jay.

Thanks to trusty yelp I found Dr. Jay. The great reviews did not lead me astray. I must say I was quite wary of chiropractors before going to Dr. Jay. I had chronic back pain for years, and had become resigned to living with it for the rest of my life. After going to Dr. Jay twice a week for three months, my back pain is gone!

I was surprised at how caring and committed to your recovery Dr. Jay is. He is very accessible to contact, and making appointments is quite easy. They also seem to be very flexible with financial arrangements. Dr. Jay even recommended a great acupuncturist for me!

If you're experiencing back pain at all, I definitely recommend paying a visit to Dr. Jay!

Alessandra V.

I've seen a few chiropractors in my day - but Dr. Jay is by far the best.

I've seen a few chiropractors in my day - but Dr. Jay is by far the best.  Not only did he help my back pain & headaches, he changed my view of chiropractic forever!
Before him, I saw a few chiropractors for the same issues.  But after a few weeks of not returning for my adjustments the pain returned and sometimes even worsened.
Dr. Jay's methods are so different & so effective!  He works to get you out of pain, then strengthen and finally wellness.  He educates his patients with the right stretches and strengthening exercises that keep you stay out of pain.  It is truly amazing - I haven't felt this great in years!  Thanks Dr Jay!

Andrea S.

He is a well-spring of positivity

I joined a networking group for small business owners with big ambitions founded by Jason this spring. I have constantly been impressed with his ability to organize, motivate and encourage the rest of us. He is a well-spring of positivity.

Patricia Smith
Principal, Making Words Count

Take advantage of his flexibility...

Dr. Jay takes care of his patients but goes above and beyond the call of duty. He cares about his patients’ lives, families, businesses, etc. His passion for wellness and prevention is apparent from your first visit to his office, and his staff is very friendly and works with you on scheduling. Take advantage of his flexibility and convenient location and set up an appointment to get checked out!

Krystin F

I had visited several chiropractors throughout the city but Dr. J has by far been the best one I have seen.

I had visited several chiropractors throughout the city but Dr. J has by far been the best one I have seen. In addition to being a wonderful chiropractor who truly cares about his patients, he is very cheerful and animated. I had terrible recurring migraines and Dr J has been able to keep them under control. I have been seeing him for over 3 years now and it has been wonderful.

The schedule flexibility and the ways in which they work with your insurance are a big plus as well.

I was very surprised to read some of the bad reviews on this site and feel that these people never gave Dr J a fair chance. In chiropractic care, sometimes you feel a little worst before you start to feel better. And you also need to put effort yourself in doing the exercises that Dr J recommends.

Gea B.

I couldn't be happier with Oasis Chiropractic & Wellness Center!

I couldn't be happier with Oasis Chiropractic & Wellness Center!  Centrally located at Columbus Circle,  with convenient hours and a friendly and helpful staff-- what could be better?

For the past year I have been spending 3-4 hours commuting to work, daily, and my back has been suffering because of it.  I am in my mid twenties and had a feeling that I was too young to be dealing with back pain, so I found Oasis Chiropractic here, on yelp.  I am so grateful that I did because within two visits my back was already feeling better! My back has continued to strengthen and I will be forever thankful to Dr. Jay and Dr. T!

Give them a call today-- I promise you won't regret it!

Betsy S.

I started with Dr.Jay about a 8 months ago because I had shooting pains down my left leg.

I started with Dr.Jay about a 8 months ago because I had shooting pains down my left leg. From poor form on doing deadlifts. I looked at Chiropractors and Dr. Jay seemed like a good choice. The first time I came to his office I got a free consultation and x-ray. However, he doesn't  tell you the nature of the x-rays the first consultation, so I made another appointment to get the results. On my second appointment he told me that I have a pinched disk and that he could treat me, but the insurance didn't come through yet

What I did not expect though is that he treat me although my insurance didn't come through yet, and that on the occasion it didn't come through that his office would eat up the cost.

As for coming here as a patient. The receptionist are very nice, and although this is a big practice, I'd estimate they treat 400-800 people. Everyone knows you by name, feels more personal and you never get lost in the shuffle.No matter how busy the office is Dr.Jay will always hear out your question and give you a good response .I don't think anyone has come more time late/ missed as many days as me. However they'll always calmly call you and ask whens they next convenient time for you to come in

Im now in the maintenance phase which is once a month. To be honest I feel 85% better.  I no longer have shooting pains down my legs, but sometimes mild back pain. I've resumed weight lifting, and I feel I have more energy with my spine being more aligned. I'd reccomend Dr. Jay

Adrian L.

Before I saw Dr. J, I was a wreck.

Before I saw Dr. J, I was a wreck. I was stubborn, I didn't want to admit I had something wrong with my back. When the pain got worse, I kept telling myself, well it's not that bad (but honey, it was)! When I would get up in the morning, it would be so painful that I had to prep myself mentally beforehand to get through the pain.

After a recommendation from my acupuncturist and checking Oasis out on Yelp. I decided to book my first appointment. Within 2 visits of adjusting my back, I'm back to normal. I go twice a week for adjustments and I can feel my posture adjusting.

I loved that Dr. J didn't want me to stop my normal routine of gym/volleyball, because what's the use of living life in a vacuum! If you're as stubborn as me, and hate to admit something is wrong, call and schedule the first consultation (it's free anyway). I never felt pressured and you hear how genuine his recommendations are to help you. Highly recommend!

Joey O.

Dr. Goldstein is a gentle, kind, and astute practitioner

Dr. Goldstein is a gentle, kind, and astute  practitioner
He is better than most, and I'm happy I found him.
Highly recommend
Not covered by my particular crap insurance, but his fees are fair.

Spencer W.

I'm 99% sure Dr. J is an actual healing miracle worker.

I'm 99% sure Dr. J is an actual healing miracle worker. I've suffered from severe back pain for the past few years and have tried everything from physical therapy, which unfortunately didn't help my case, to dangerous, easily addictive meds to relieve the pain. I'm an opera singer so my body is my instrument as well as my career which is awful when you're in the kind of debilitating back pain I was in. I called Dr. J and he was able to see me immediately. He took x-rays right away and checked out an MRI I had recently had and assessed exactly what steps needed to be taken to get me back on track. He told me I had a herniated disc as well as a few pinched nerves and really took the time to answer all of my questions. (And it doesn't hurt that he's probably the nicest guy on earth!) He then showed me a 12 week treatment plan he'd created specifically for my case. I've been going for about 3-4 weeks now and I feel like a completely new person. I can't even remember what it felt like to live with such awful back pain. Dr. J is unbelievably good at his job and if you're in any kind of pain or are just looking for great preventative care (which I certainly wish I had done) Oasis Chiropractic is the only way to go. I recommend Dr. J to everyone I know!

Nicole S.

Dr. Jay is the best chiropractor

Dr. Jay is the best chiropractor. I have been seeing him for a couple months. I was referred to him after I had severe pain in my neck and back. I also walked with a severe tilt. After several months of chiropractic care, I walk straighter than I have in years and the pain that I experienced in my neck and back is gone. Not only is he a great chiropractor but he is just an all around nice guy. The staff is also nice and courteous towards me and all patients that come through the office, creating a relaxing atmosphere. I also referred a friend who suffers from back pain to him also. Thanks, Dr. Jay. If it wasn’t for you, I would still be tilted, but thanks to you, I walk straight. Thank you so much!

Lorraine P.

I started treatment about 5 weeks ago.

I started treatment about 5 weeks ago. I 'snapped' my lower back after high volume of deadlifts as a lifting beginner. It associated with pain and numbness that pass along entire leg. I could not even fall asleep for longer than 4 hour during first week. Now I am able to lift my 85% max weight again thanks to treatment at Oasis Chiropractic center.

X-Ray examination was very fast. I was diagnosed with L5-S1 disc bulging, hip imbalance, stiff neck and Dr. J explained his findings of my X-Ray result. He gave a detailed treatment plan followed by that. I started my treatment at first visit and I had my student discount price. Sciatica nerve pinging and muscle spasm were alleviated very well during first two weeks.

Thumb up for one of a few Chiropractors who encourages to continue lifting for helping rehab process. The least thing I wanted to do is just rest and do nothing. I followed a rehab workout plan and took proper nutrition like Q10, fish oil to help healing. I kept visiting twice a week, Dr. J and Dr. Sara made appointments fast and smooth, less than 30 min per visit. They are very friendly and humorous. Dr. J also helped me through getting a MRI though my insurance company was trying to delay it.

Joanne and Carolyn did great job on answering questions and scheduling appointments. Rescheduling is very convenient fast. Very good ambience there.

Neng G.

This review is long overdue.

This review is long overdue. Dr. J and his team (Dr. Sara, Joann, and Carolyn) are the best! Everyone is so nice and inviting. I've been coming for a while now and it's been a tremendous help in loosening me up and helping me with my tense shoulders. They're great with rescheduling--which is awesome because I end up doing this pretty frequently--and are willing to work with clients whose insurance doesn't cover chiro adjustments. I highly recommend Oasis to anyone with back pain/discomfort.

Lily Z.

"Dr Jay" as everyone calls him is the BEST.

"Dr Jay" as everyone calls him is the BEST. Apart from his amazing personality, kind-heartedness, great hours and friendly office staff, he is a wonderful chiropractor. His adjustments make me feel better (backaches, headaches...) 100% of the time. Additionally, he is extremely perceptive and intuitive, once telling me he thought I was getting sick before I even knew it, based on my coloring and body temperature alone. I've been to MANY chiros and find it difficult to find a truly good one. He is tops. I'm so happy I happen to live nearby!

Victoria H.

I went there because I had a lot of pain in my hips and lower back.

I went there because I had a lot of pain in my hips and lower back. My doctor wanted me to take some drugs for that but I was sure that it was possible to do something else. I met Dr. Jay and we began with a spine adjustment! I m really happy because I never found such a good chiro in my country!! Really, I wake up every morning without pain now, and that's a beautiful gift!  Thanks :)

Valerie T.

Dr. Goldstein saved my life.

Dr. Goldstein saved my life. I was experiencing strong headaches daily, had agonizing back and foot pain. Functioning on an every day basis was becoming impossible, and my social life was non-existing due to the amount of pain I was enduring. After a few weeks of treatment at OASIS, my pain greatly diminished. A few short months of treatment and I'm now back to normal (no pain). I feel great again which was hard to imagine during darker days. I am forever thankful for the elite services of Dr. Goldstein and his entire team. Phenomenal customer service! You should definitely visit the OASIS, it really is a magical wellness place.

Juano R.

I have been really enjoying my treatments...

Dr. J is one of the nicest people that I have ever met. Not only is he cool, but his entire office staff is a great group of folks. I have been really enjoying my treatments and have been feeling better since I started going two weeks ago. He is also a prolific networker who is always looking to help others. So, whether you want to stop the pain, trim down, or get more energy, Dr. J has got your back.

Tyrone Turner

I had been suffering from bulging disk neck pain for over a year.

I had been suffering from bulging disk neck pain for over a year.  I was in physical therapy for over 6 months and was not seeing any improvement.  I was concerned that my injury would not allow me to play sports again and that it would put severe limits on how active I could be.  I decided to give chiropractic a try.  I started receiving treatment in December from Dr.J and four months later I can say that I have never felt better!  I can say with great confidence that my neck is feeling 100% better.  I am standing a lot taller and have more energy as a result of his treatments.  After 3 months of treatment, I am back playing sports again and enjoying all the activities I love.  Thank you Dr. J

Dr. J makes me feel at ease.  He is always happy to answer any questions I have.   My advice to those on the fence is to give it  a try.  I wasted so much time and money going through physical therapy and it wasn't worth it. If anything I was more frustrated because I wasn't seeing results.  After I saw my before and after x-rays with Dr. J I was convinced.  I had finally made the right decision.

Last but not least, Dr. J's office staff is absolutely AMAZING!  Joanne and Carol are very professional and helpful. They are very efficient and organized.  They run a very fun and energetic office environment which I love.

Vivian J.

Dr. Jay and his staff at Oasis were all about getting me back in motion since day one.

Dr. Jay and his staff at Oasis were all about getting me back in motion since day one. I literally crawled in my first day, and walked out a completely different person. Most people walk into any health-related office paranoid, but the aura of good nature and 80s pop music in the morning soothed it all. The most important thing to me was the education provided, as to why certain exercises/treatments worked. Dr. Jay was always more than willing to explain and offer any advice to help me along in my treatment. I've recommended Oasis numerous times, and I don't plan on stopping.

Sherman W.

Dr. Jay is simply the best.

Dr. Jay is simply the best. He's kind, courteous, welcoming and friendly. He addressed all my questions and concerns about my back pain. Even after a year of treat now I am pain free. I also referred my mom to Dr. Jay and he created a financial plan that worked for us and he helped cure her of her long term back pain. He even gave us copies of our x-rays showing us the difference from when we first started! I highly recommend Dr. Jay to anyone who is seeking relief to their back issues!

Andrew C.

I didn’t realize the misalignment in my spine...

After working with Dr Jay for three months, my posture really improved. His exercises combined with the treatments helped me feel taller and straighter. I didn’t realize the misalignment in my spine from years of sports and desk work until we started working together to correct it. Thanks, Dr Jay!

Michelle Price

I highly recommend Dr. J and the Oasis Team.

I highly recommend Dr. J and the Oasis Team. I have had a bad back for many years, but due to being afraid of chiropractors I've just "lived" with it.  No more! thanks to Dr. J.  He is such a passionate, knowledgable and professional Doctor that I find myself feeling SO much better under his care.  Dr. J and his staff make my visits fun - fast - and pain-free. I recommend them to everyone I know.

Sharon E.

I hurt my back last year which turned out to be a herniated disc.

I hurt my back last year which turned out to be a herniated disc. I had pain in my lower back, right-hip, and right leg and it was a nightmare. First I tried acupuncture which did help relieve my pain for a few weeks, but it would come back again. I also went to a chiropractor who was just ok.. he didn't give me any explanations on why we were doing this, doing that, what was good for my back, etc. (he didn't seem to care much). I used to run and I couldn't even walk without pain. I was really desperate when I found Oasis chiropractic: I searched yelp&google for places near my home and Oasis had GREAT reviews. I was a bit skeptic (cause I don't really trust reviews online) but I decided to give it a try, because I had no other option anyway. I'm almost done with my second phase of the treatment plan and I feel MUCH BETTER! I don't have any pain in my leg (it was gone in the first couple of weeks) and I only feel a dull pain in my back when I sit down for a long time. Dr. Jay is awesome! He's super energetic, friendly, positive (which is really important cause you get depressed a lot when you have back pain), and he will give you great explanations when you ask certain questions. Everyone in the office is super friendly and they really have an efficient way of working things out. They help you with the insurance as well, which was a big concern of mine. I do feel like getting over a herniated/bulging disc requires a lot of individual effort (I spent a lot of time reading books/articles related to this in order to understand the problem causing it and what makes it worse) and you have to work on improving your posture in your everyday life and also exercise to strengthen your core (he does teach you how to do them), but it's tough on your own and Dr. Jay has been a great help.

Kate Hankyung J.

I have had ongoing back problems of various degrees and locations.

I have had ongoing back problems of various degrees and locations. Early this year it became chronic and really painful. I knew I needed to do something. I found Dr. J on Yelp based on so many positive reviews. I agree with them and have enjoyed my experience at his office and most importantly feel really great!

Sarah T.

Dr. Jason and his staff are amazing.

Dr. Jason and his staff are amazing. I have had chronic back pain for years that stems from a spinal imbalance called hyper lumbar lordosis. As a competitive athlete and massage therapist I am very particular about my bodywork practitioners. After my first visit at Oasis, I felt taller, my muscles felt significantly more relaxed and after a few weeks of treatment, I feel like I have a more integrated and balanced body. The staff at Oasis remembers your name immediately, wait time is always minimal.  I also love that the office utilizes various techniques such as traction and electric stimulation to further relax muscles and prime them for adjustments. Highly recommend the office for anyone who wants to feel better in their body.

Leah B.

Not only is Dr. J just about the nicest...

Not only is Dr. J just about the nicest, most genuinely upbeat person I know, he also managed to get rid of chronic neck pain I've been having for years after the second week of treatment. He further helped me correct my terrible posture, and avoid what used to be annual injuries to my sacral area.

He's very good at his job, but so is my dentist. What really separates Dr. J from the rest is his outstanding bedside manner, sense of humor, empathy, and ability to patiently listen and respond to questions. I often find myself walking out of his office in a far better mood than when I came in, because Dr. J's positivity is infectious and hard to resist. This also goes a long way to building a high degree of trust in his abilities, which was a bit of a problem for me at first, having never been treated by a chiropractor before.

I've been a patient at Oasis for almost three years now, and referred four other people to Dr. J because I trust his expertise and professionalism, and I know from personal experience that he gives everyone  the highest quality care possible. Seriously, if there ten stars he'd deserve them.

Dan G.

When I found Dr Jay I was convinced I would never recover from a back injury two years prior.

When I found Dr Jay I was convinced I would never recover from a back injury two years prior. I fractured my lumbar vertebrae and had debilitating pain all throughout my neck & back. I was so relieved when Dr Jay took images of my spine and could show me exactly what was causing my pain and what he could do to help fix it. His focus is really on whole body wellness, and individualized your treatment plan with stretching techniques and physical therapy. He has always been available to discuss concerns I have regarding re-injuring myself (I have a physically demanding job). He and his employees are so warm and upbeat, they've become like family. I'm really grateful to the entire team.

Clare L.

Dr. Goldstein is truly one of the best.

I have been under the care of several chiropractors over the past 20 years in 3 countries. Dr. Goldstein is truly one of the best. I am very happy with his services and high standard of professionalism. Great friendly customer service from the entire staff with a fun, upbeat ambiance every day. I look forward to my visits with excitement. They make each client feel personally welcomed and are very efficient and effective. I am blessed to finally be free from scoliosis after less than six months of treatment towards the final push. Prior to this, my purges has been a rollercoaster, but I've moved forward consistently with each visit and much less invasive measures than I've taken before. He does not over prescribe and does what us best for the client. Integrity matters. I very highly recommend Oasis fire any and all who are in need.

Rhonesha B.

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