Elbow, Knee, and Ankle Issues

Elbow, Knee, Ankle PainJoint pain, such as that felt in the elbow, knee, and ankle are very common especially among those that engage in sports or intense physical activity. Especially when running, the knee is under intense pressure and can suffer from both muscle strains and ligament sprains. Knee pain can also be caused by other issues related to the back, pelvis, or hip.

Ankle pain is also prevalent among runners as it takes a constant pounding. A common cause of these injuries is fallen arches or flat feet, that cause the ankle to undergo more intense strain. Elbow pain is another common experience and can be caused by sports or even an accidental fall. A common elbow injury is called tennis elbow and is caused by inflammation of soft tissue.

Oasis Chiropractic can help relieve this type of pain and correct the issue that is causing it. After thoroughly examining the problem, we will determine the appropriate solution and explain what we can do for you. Call us today if you think you may be suffering from elbow, knee or ankle pain.

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