Neck Pain

Neck Pain Upper West Side Dr GoldSteinNeck pain can be caused by a variety of different things. The severity of the pain can range from a minor annoyance to completely debilitating. One of the causes of neck pain is past injuries that occurred due to whiplash or head injury. These pains may not be felt immediately but can take years to surface as the body is subtly affected by the injury. If left untreated, arthritis and other pain and dysfunction can occur.

Additionally, disc herniation and degenerative joint disease can cause pain in the neck area. The former can be caused by trauma including heavy lifting and is the result of a disc in your vertebrae pushing up against a nerve. The latter is also called arthritis and involves the compression of nerves which can result in pain in the arms, hands, and fingers.

Oasis Chiropractic can help relieve this type of pain and correct the issue that is causing it. After thoroughly examining the problem, we will determine the appropriate solution and explain what we can do for you. Call us today if you think you may be suffering from neck pain.

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