Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries and Chiropractic medicine with Dr Goldstein.There is a large variety of injuries that one can potentially suffer when playing sports. They can include strains, sprains, tendinosis, stress fractures, muscle tears, and much more. Some injuries are minor and require that the victim just rest or sit out for a short period of time. Others will require intense and extended physical therapy.

Sports injuries can be diagnosed using several strategies. Often, the activity that caused the injury is looked at and compared to other similar injuries. Additionally, a physical examination along with an X-Ray or MRI can be used to more precisely pinpoint the injury. Once the injury has been diagnosed there are a variety of chiropractic and sports therapy treatments that can be employed. These include icing or heating, compression, elevation, joint manipulation, and more.

Oasis Chiropractic can help relieve this type of pain and correct the issue that is causing it. After thoroughly examining the problem, we will determine the appropriate solution and explain what we can do for you. Call us today if you think you may be suffering from a sports related injury.

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